An attorney will help you avoid common DUI mistakes.If you have been charged with driving under the influence (commonly known as DUI), your next set of decisions could have serious consequences. If you make one or more common mistakes, odds are quite good that you will damage your defense. 

Your best bet for a successful case is doing the right thing at the right time—and not doing the wrong things at all.

Let’s take a look at common mistakes people make after being charged with DUI.

Mistake #1: Deciding You Don’t Have a Defense

If you have been stopped by the police and you have been drinking, you might believe you simply do not have a defense. The fact of the matter is that it may be possible to get the charges against you reduced or even dropped. But that is only possible if you don’t give up right away—and if you do the next essential thing.

Mistake #2: Not Calling an Arizona Attorney

You need representation right away for a couple of important reasons. First, your lawyer can help make sure you don’t make any mistakes that might damage your case. Second, talking to a lawyer soon after the incident makes it likely that you will remember more details of what led up to your encounter with the police as well as what happened during that encounter.

Mistake #3: Hiring the Wrong Attorney

It is true that you need a lawyer as quickly as possible, but it would be a mistake to not do some research into your options. You are looking for an attorney with a successful track record of defending clients charged with DUI. Experience and expertise are more important than flashy ads, so make sure you pay attention to what a firm says about its success in these kinds of cases.

Mistake #4: Talking to the Police Without Your Attorney Present

The police will be eager to have a conversation with you right away, but this is almost always a bad idea. Politely but firmly inform the police that you are represented by an attorney and that you will not speak with them unless your lawyer is present. Having an attorney with you during any questioning will protect you from making any costly mistakes while speaking with the police.

Mistake #5: Posting About Your DUI on Social Media

These days, it’s pretty common for people to post about anything and everything on social media. But when you have been charged with DUI, this is a terrible idea. Your posts can potentially be used against and may undermine your defense. Your DUI charge is private, so don’t violate your own privacy with a careless social media post.

Mistake #6: Lying to Your Lawyer

In order to build the best possible defense, your lawyer needs all of the available facts. You might be embarrassed by your behavior. You might think some small detail doesn’t matter and fudge the facts to make yourself look better. Your instinct for self-preservation might coax you into lying about what happened. But your lawyer can only help you if you are honest with them. Remember, they are on your side.

Mistake #7: Ignoring Your Lawyer’s Advice

It’s important enough that we’ll repeat ourselves: Your lawyer is on your side. So, when they give you advice, you would be wise to accept it and act on it. An attorney brings their expertise and experience to the table and will give you the best advice they can given your specific circumstances. Deciding to ignore that advice is a terrible mistake to make.

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Ryan J. Stevens, Esq.
Ryan Stevens is an award-winning Arizona trial attorney with success in major felony and civil jury trials.