Criminal charges can happen at unexpected times. In Arizona, misdemeanor cases can be filed up to a year after the alleged offense. Felony cases can be charged seven years or more after the alleged crime. Not all charges happen at the time of the offense. Not all suspects are arrested during a criminal investigation.

Arizona Legal Help When You’re Being Investigated

Some people are arrested and released, forced to live in fear of forthcoming criminal charges. Others are never arrested but have reason to believe they are the subjects of a police investigation. This can happen after a DUI arrest, while blood or urine lab results are pending. Or it can happen in a case where there is a late-report of a crime, or where the initial investigation revealed insufficient evidence to make an arrest or file a charge.

Arizona criminal defense attorney Ryan J. Stevens is experienced in the criminal charging process. As a former felony prosecutor, Mr. Stevens has direct experience with criminal cases and insight about why some cases are charged quickly and why some are not.

If you’ve been contacted by the police, or you know the police are investigating you, it is a frightening and an unnerving time. You should protect your rights immediately, before the police or the prosecutors have time to take advantage of your uncertainty and fear.

Mr. Stevens will insulate you from the police and prosecution. He will help ensure you do not miss a court date and get a warrant issued for your arrest. He will fight hard on your behalf and protect your rights at every turn. Ultimately, Mr. Stevens will make every effort to keep the possibility of criminal charges from ruining your life.