"I decided to go too fast on my motorcycle one day, and a State Trooper decided he didn’t like that. Nobody does turns out... anyways with reckless driving being treated more seriously in Arizona than a lot of states, I was looking at loosing my license for up to a year. Being 22 with two jobs, an active social life, and an affinity for motor vehicles, there was only one option. Lawyer up. I had an old high school friend whose dad was a lawyer and I knew had a practice in town, so I decided to start with his firm, Griffen & Stevens. I didn’t need to keep looking. My personal attorney for this case was Ian Van Schilfgaarde. He took his time explaining all the terminology that was over my head, made sure I understood my options, consulted me and gave advice, albeit still in a professional manner, and what really stood out to me is that he had every chance to take advantage of my ignorance, because I had never done this before, i.e. getting more money out of me. But he gave me a very reasonable flat fee, explained everything to a T, and made sure I was in the loop since communicating between the defendant, lawyer and court during Covid is quite difficult. The point of all this: Ian got my charges lowered to a much more reasonable punishment after talking to the prosecutor and I couldn’t be more thankful it worked out this way. Bottom line: Overall 10/10 and I would recommend Ian and this firm to anyone that needs legal help, you will get results."