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Summer is here! We wish all of the NAU students a happy, healthy, and fun summer. Unfortunately, when NAU students stick around for the summer, so does the Flagstaff Police Department. Here are our top 5 safety tips for NAU students living in Flagstaff for the summer:

1. Alcohol and Marijuana

The police in Flagstaff, including NAUPD, are always on the lookout for DUIs due to alcohol and/or marijuana consumption. If you drink, or plan to drink, or think you might drink, don’t drive your vehicle. Get a cab. Get a friend to be a designated driver. If you’re a designated driver, that means you don’t drink anything that night, not even one beer.

If you get pulled over and are worried about a DUI, remember that Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) are voluntary and, although your refusal can be used in court against you, you still don’t have to agree to do the FSTs. Breath tests are different, so listen to what the officer tells you. And always, always, always, consult with a Flagstaff DUI defense lawyer before you do anything in a DUI case. We give free consultations on all DUI cases, and we are happy to offer a discount to NAU students.

2. Bike Safely

We cannot emphasize enough that the Flagstaff roads are dangerous for bicyclists if you’re not paying attention. Follow all traffic signals. Never assume that a driver can see you or can predict where you are going. A vehicle-on-bicycle accident is always extremely serious. We have lost several NAU students in the last several years due to vehicles hitting bicyclists (even when the bicyclist had done nothing wrong). So, be careful out there.

If you are injured on a bicycle in Flagstaff, call us right away to make sure you get the best insurance payout possible, and to make sure you don’t end up with medical bills, collections, and liens against you.

3. Campus Safety

The NAU campus is overcrowded on a typical school day. Drivers try to negotiate their way through thousands of students walking on streets, in parking lots, and on sidewalks. Pedestrian zones are safe if used correctly. Never assume a vehicle can see you. Always try to make eye contact with the driver.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, especially a vehicle-on-pedestrian accident, and you are injured, call us right away for a free consultation. Again, don’t get stuck with a bogus insurance payout, medical bills, collections, and liens against you.

4. Underage Alcohol Consumption (Minor In Consumption or MIC)

When the police are on the prowl, underage consumption of alcohol is one of the top citations given in Flagstaff and on the NAU campus. If you’re underage, be careful, be smart, and don’t be obvious. Anyone who is at a party, or hosting a party, should avoid underage alcohol consumption. You should always assume that the police might show up. And you can get in serious legal trouble if you are hosting an underage drinking party. 

If you live at The Grove, remember that the police station is just across the street. Hundreds of students living at The Grove get cited every semester by the police. We defend all criminal charges in Arizona state, federal, city, and tribal courts. Contact us for a free consultation.

5. Sexual Offenses

Each year, we see allegations of sexual crimes, sexual offenses, sex abuse, or sexual assault happening in Flagstaff, and sometimes on the NAU campus. Sex crimes are extremely serious under Arizona law. What may start out as a fun night can end up a disaster.

If you drink, stay with friends you can trust. If you’re on a date, be smart, and make sure everything you do is consensual in nature. We are Flagstaff’s sex crime defense law firm. If you’re being investigated, or charged, with a sex offense, call us immediately. Time is of the essence.

We hope NAU has a wonderful summer. Be careful out there and enjoy beautiful Flagstaff! To reach our law firm, don’t hesitate to use the free contact form or call us at the phone number at the top of the screen.

Ryan J. Stevens, Esq.
Ryan Stevens is an award-winning Arizona trial attorney with success in major felony and civil jury trials.
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