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Don't take a selfie at your polling location!

At the government building in Coconino County, at 110 E. Cherry Avenue, where the votes will be counted in Flagstaff, I have seen people delivering their early ballots with great pride over the last few weeks. In some instances, voters are dropping off their ballots with so much pride that it's becoming a social media phenomenon.
Recently, for example, one woman asked her friend to hold her, so she could lean back, literally upside down, while she put her early ballot in the official ballot drop box. And not surprisingly, she took a selfie while doing it.
If you're voting on Election Day, or if you're going to be near an official polling location, it's important you know that Arizona law makes it a crime to do certain things.

1. Don't take photos or videos within 75 feet of a polling location

Did you know that taking a selfie, or any photo or video, within 75 feet of a polling place on Election Day is a crime in Arizona? It's a class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 4 months in jail.
If you want to document your voting experience, be sure to do so from more than 75 feet away from any polling place, and you'll be safe.

2. After you vote, you must leave

It's a crime to overstay your welcome in a polling place on Election Day. Arizona law makes it a misdemeanor to not leave after casting your ballot. The law says, "Voters having cast their ballots shall promptly move outside the 75 foot limit." Sticking around can disrupt the ability of other voters to use the space and can be considered a form of voter intimidation or obstruction. And you can find yourself getting arrested, even if you didn't mean to cause a problem.

3. No matter how passionate you are about political issues, don't electioneer within 75 feet of a polling place

On Election Day 2020, Arizonans are going to be amped up about their political views. While that's great for voter turnout and our democracy, electioneering within 75 feet of a polling location is clearly illegal and is a criminal offense. If you want to pass out pamphlets or share your political views with voters, make sure you're following all election laws and staying more than 75 feet away from polling places while you do it.

4. Don't solicit other voters to show you their ballots

Asking anyone to show you their ballot, which may include early voting or mail-in ballots, is a criminal offense. So while you are voting on Election Day, it's safest to not solicit others about their voting preferences.

Also: Political Signs Near Polling Place Must Be Removed

For those running for political office, or supporting someone who is, it can be tempting to place your signs near polling locations to catch the attention of voters. However, the Arizona Attorney General has addressed this issue. Political signs placed within 150 feet of a location to be used as a polling place in an election must be removed prior to election day. Op.Atty.Gen. No. 66-23.

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