slip and fall attorneys flagstaffYou are shopping at the grocery store and don’t spot a broken jar of pizza sauce on the floor. You step in the sauce and fall.

You are at a party and you are looking for the bathroom. Thinking it might be downstairs, you head down an unlighted stairway, but fall when you hit an uneven tread because there is no banister to grab onto.

You are trying to get a good photo of a beautiful statue situated in someone’s backyard. There is a sidewalk leading right to it, but you fall when your foot catches on a portion of the pavement that has been pushed up by a tree root.

In any of those cases, you may be entitled to collect damages related to injuries you sustain as a result of the fall. In the first case, you are what’s known as an “invitee” because you are there for a business purpose. In the second, you are a “licensee” because you are there for a non-business purpose. And in the third you are likely a “trespasser,” but the property owner may still be liable if something on their property is likely to attract trespassers—like a lovely statue that encourages the taking of photographs.

What Damages Can You Collect After a Slip and Fall Accident? 

If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, there are a number of different kinds of damages you can collect as a result of various kinds of losses. They include:

  • Medical expenses. All medical expenses related to your fall—including future medical expenses that can be anticipated—can potentially be recovered.
  • Lost income. If you miss work or are unable to work going forward as a result of your fall, you can be awarded damages to cover present and future income as well as lost earning potential.
  • Property damage. If something belonging to you was damaged as a result of your fall (your phone, for example), you can recover damages to replace it.
  • Pain and suffering. You can be awarded damages to compensate you for mental distress—including anxiety, fear, and insomnia—and for physical suffering including ongoing impairment and/or physical disfigurement.

The Attorneys of Griffen & Stevens Can Help You Collect What You Deserve

An experienced personal injury attorney is best able to make sure you are fairly compensated after a slip and fall accident. The lawyers of Griffen & Stevens are ready to represent you and will do so on a contingency basis—which means you don’t pay us unless we win your case. If you’ve been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence, reach out to us for your free consultation.

Ryan J. Stevens, Esq.
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